About company

We design, deliver and assemble various types of cable route systems for power, ICT, control and other teletechnical cables.

The highest standard of services provided

The quality of our services is supported by the following certificates: ISO 9001, IQNet, CSQ

We offer you services of the best and highest quality, which has been confirmed by numerous companies from various countries working with us. So far, we have provided services to companies from Poland, Germany, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, England, Slovakia, Vietnam, Russia and many more.

El-Mont is a company that is developing dynamically. We are constantly analyzing the market and the way it is changing. We also try to respond immediately to the changes in the market and our customers’ needs.

El-Mont is created by a team of highly qualified workers who are ready to do any work both in Poland and abroad. Our engineers and electricians have a lot of experience and great skills. Moreover, they have gained IPAF certificates, which are accepted all over the world. We act according to the motto: “Think what you are doing, do what you think.” Therefore, our workers often find unconventional solutions to difficult problems, which is appreciated by our customers..

Our greatest strength is the professional approach to the work we do, as well as our workers high qualifications and skills which are constantly upgraded. Our workers’ reliability and diligence contribute to the general image of El-Mont as a reliable company offering the highest quality services.

We find solutions according to our customers’ needs. As a result of our co-operation with various partners both from Poland and from abroad, we can offer our customers the latest solutions and achievements of the world’s automation and electrical engineering. We always check the latest trends in our field and use products of the highest standard.

All products we offer come from companies which have become the world’s leaders and deliverers of wires, wire accessories, additional equipment and automation. These products have been used successfully in mechanical engineering, industry, measurement technologies, feeder installations and many more.

The quality of our services can be confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 certification. What is more, we always use the best technical equipment.